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Select Member

  • One thing that affords us such an impressive list of Casting Members is that Performing Members with a certain level of talent and experience may at some time be chosen by as "Select Members." This has nothing to do with union affiliation or agent/manager representation.
  • Our Casting Members demand this feature whereby they can choose to search the entire database of Performering Members or search just the current Selected Members.
  • Either way, all of our Casting Members (and performers' guests through their friendly web address) have access to online materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year - all over the world (pending internet access, of course).
  • Select Status is not permanent and a performer's status may change based on the overall talent pool.
  • Performing Members will be notified if they are a select member only after we have viewed their video materials. In most cases, we cannot evaluate select status from film reels if they are short clips. We welcome reels to a performer's profile but will probably require a monologue, song or aria to fully evaluate their status.
  • This Select Member icon will appear to the left of a performer's name on their profile if they are Select Members.
  • There is no extra charge for Select Members.
  • This is why we offer an introductory period at a discounted rate. If Performing Members upload their videos within the introductory period, they can cancel their membership before the recurring billing begins. We, of course, hope they'll stay because our Casting Members are looking for all levels of experience, talent and skill.
  • Select Status is binary: either yes or no. It does not necessarily mean they are select in all performance categories (Opera, Musical Theatre, Play, Film/Tv, etc.). It means we feel that they are worth a second look in at least one of their chosen categories.
  • New Select Members are added every day so, casting folks, please keep checking back.