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Summer of 2008
This summer has been incredible! I took a small hiatus from January to May, and boy howdy... JUNE: SEA STORY with Art House Productions, a phenomenal company that runs the artsy side of Jersey City. SEA STORY has been the best show I've ever done, with a script to die for and an incredible story! JULY: I was a major contender for a non-trivial role in a big feature film, and the entire process went beautifully. No matter what comes of it, it was a GREAT experience for me! This July, I also secured my first television work in "THE ELECTRIC COMPANY," produced by Sesame Workshop. Immediately after, I just booked a leading role in a news show on ABC PRIMETIME: WHAT WOULD YOU DO?. Otherwise, I have spent the past month or so on the hunt for representation, as well as new headshots. Updates to come!